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Why do I love marketing?  Because, it's about people, creativity, constant change and, increasingly, numbers.  I've been an entrepreneur.  I've also been in the classroom for many years teaching marketing students principles of marketing, strategy, design, consumer behavior, digital marketing, global marketing, and retailing.  


Over the years it's been a mission of mine to help prepare my students for their professional careers. I've created a marketing career guide just for Smith Students, coordinated marketing internships, advised TerpAMA, launched the Young Alumni Marketing Council, hosted guest speakers, created the Strategic Design and Innovation in Marketing Fellows Program and incorporated experiential learning experiences in my classes...all to help YOU, the Smith marketing student, be more prepared for life after Smith.

That is why I have elected to create this website.  Marketing students have a wide variety of career paths from which to choose.  It can be overwhelming.  And, increasingly, the opportunities for internships and full-time positions are coming from small startups. Hopefully, this site will help you sort through all those opportunities to find the one(s) that best fits your skill set, your personality, and where you want to be in 5 or 10 years.


Marketing students are often frustrated because their accounting and finance peers have job offers in September or October of their senior year.  Meanwhile, marketing students sweat through graduation hoping they'll soon find a place in the workforce.  To be honest, there are firms that hire marketing majors in the fall for summer employment after graduation. Those firms are typically major retailing chains, consulting firms, consumer packaged goods firms and sales positions in insurance and financial services.  But, don't despair...


Most marketing and advertising (including digital) firms hire upon need so you will need to be ready in late May and June with your resume and a willingness to go for that interview on a moment's notice. You WILL find that perfect job!  Remember, you are looking for jobs that challenge you, encourage you to grow and help you finetune your transferable skills.


This site is meant to be a complement to the Smith School's Office of Career Services efforts and the University's Career Services.  What makes this site unique?  It's just for you. The marketing student who is anxious to make their mark in this world.

Mary B. Harms
Clinical Associate Marketing Professor
Academic Coordinator for Marketing
Faculty Champion for Strategic Design
    and Innovation in Marketing Fellows
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