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So, how can I prepare myself for a marketing career?

  1. Have at least 2 or 3 internships with different companies and areas of marketing

  2. Enter case competitions through student organizations, classes or on your own--
    UMD American Marketing Association offers several throughout the year with Target, Unilever, etc., the Strategic Design Fellows program incorporates case competitions into the classroom experience plus there are cases through Deloitte, Wake Forest Marketing Summit, International AMA Undergraduate Conference, Direct Marketing Association, just to name a few. 


  3. Network with your peers, alums and industry professionals.  Where?

    • UMD AMA weekly meetings--before and after the meeting with fellow attendees and guest speakers

    • Guest speakers in the classroom--I've seen several students turn a guest speaker experience into an internship or full-time employment opportunity

    • At the Smith Undergraduate Marketing Conference sponsored annually by the marketing department and UMD AMA

    • At industry events, Baltimore and DC professional AMA chapters, DC American Advertising Federation-- go to their websites, contact someone on their exec committee and ask about attending, NYC Advertising Professional organizations  

  4. Join a student organization in a field where you are interested, one relating to a hobby, your ethnic background, or a                            business fraternity such as Alpha Kappa Psi or Phi Chi Theta 

  5. Marketing has gone digital so expand your digital skills set through 

    • Internships

    • Becoming the social media chair or director for a campus organization

    • Enrolling in BMGT 484: Digital Marketing

    • Watch tutorials on LinkedIn Learning concerning how to use Facebook for business, LinkedIn for business, etc. (When Smith marketing alums heard that current students have access to training for free, they were so jealous.  They use it all the time to learn new technologies--but they have to pay for their access.  Take advantage of this opportunity while you're still a student.)

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